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(Islaview: pronouced "I-Love-You")

"A Town Called Islaview" has already:

...Brought joy to thousands of families

...United a town in western Newfoundland

...Created an ongoing movement of kindness

...Inspired the Islaview Foundation, providing financial support for children with life-threatening illnesses

What happens when a grumpy stranger wanders into the wonderfully happy town of Islaview?

With bright illustrations drawn by 7-year-old Charlotte Bursey, catchy rhyme and rhythm, and a delightful play on words, this story will have you saying "ISLAVIEW" to everyone you meet!

Dan Bursey - AKA "Uncle Dan" - is a minister, family entertainer, podcaster, author and award-winning singer/songwriter.

Released in May 2017, Dan wrote "A Town Called Islaview" as a way to bring joy and support to his niece, Isla, who was in treatment for Neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer.

Since it's release, the book has brought joy to thousands of people, and has inspired a broad-reaching movement of kindness and love!

Join the movement! Visit Islaview!

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